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My company is driven by a passion for convenience, quality, and exceptional service. With a commitment to serving our community, we're here to make car maintenance easier, more accessible, and stress-free for you. 

Connor saw a need for a more convenient and customer-centric approach to car repair. His commitment to quality and service is at the heart of our company. We're here to redefine mobile car repair, making it accessible and hassle-free for you, right in your driveway. 

changing the game.

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Connor McDonald

Connor McDonald is a dedicated car enthusiast whose life has revolved around automotive excellence. With a lifelong passion for working on cars, he honed his skills and knowledge by attending school in Kansas, specializing in automobile restoration. He has also worked and thrived in various dealerships and custom automotive shops. It was this deep-rooted love for all things automotive that inspired Connor to embark on the journey of founding his own company, In Your Driveway Auto.

Beyond his automotive expertise, Connor's life is filled with exciting milestones. He is currently engaged and eagerly anticipating his upcoming wedding in November. His commitment to both his craft and personal life reflects the dedication and care he brings to every client's vehicle, making In Your Driveway Auto a service that embodies Connor's passion, professionalism, and love for automobiles